OSTINATOS, 2007-2010

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This series of work, consisting primarily of hand cut paper pieces mounted on the ends of dressmakers pins tacked into the wall, is a spin off of my previous series, One Hundred Drawings. Each piece documents a site of disaster re-photographed by me years after the event has occurred. Part requiem and part obsession, these pieces are a testament to those who have suffered there in the past. Each piece made in Ostinatos has a counterpart that exists as part of One Hundred Drawings and although both series are drawn from images of the same site, each piece has been generated from a different photograph and bears a different vantage point. Throughout my travels to each site, I have noticed many flowers. While cut flowers have been placed on the sites to mark a loss and secure a memory, others have grown on the sites simultaneously hiding and healing the scars of each disastrous event.