Improvisation 2: Green Dress 1 & 2
inkjet print on photographic paper, 36 x 54 inches

Improvisations is a suite of process-rich photographs documenting my performative engagement with objects that I have made by hand. Pattern and repetition is used in these works to both conceal my identity and to adorn my body within a sea of marks made by it.¬†Initially influenced by images of artists and designers pictured amongst their creations in their home studios, I explore what it means to perform making in this work. In fact, I began this project to celebrate my hand, having recently recovered from brain surgery to implant the second of two stimulators designed to modulate my Parkinson’s symptoms. Exerything here has been hand-crafted, from films, hand painted to mimic repeat patterns used to mass produce cloth, to the top-stitching on the final garments, and each slip or mistake records the nuances of my body’s motion.¬†

This project is supported by a Nick Novak fellowship at Open Studio, and was produced with the support of the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council.

Improvisation 1: Yellow Pants 1 & 2
inkjet print on photographic paper, 36 x 54 inches