Installation at Annie Aime (clothing store), Toronto, ON ----( click image for more images )

A site-specific installation, Annie Aime, Toronto, ON, November 2014
Store featured in Toronto Life

I stumbled upon this wonderful shop on lower Ossington when looking for a dress on my birthday. It was then that Annie and I began to chat about the possibility of doing something together. I was intrigued. After showing my work in the white space of commercial galleries and museums for many years, I felt energized about the possibility of exhibiting my work in a different context. Gallery spaces help distinguish art from what is not art. The gallery gives artwork more presence, but in its attempt to do so it also creates barriers to experiencing the work directly. The space of the boutique offers a different set of rules and constraints, but it also affords a much more intimate relationship between the work and the viewing public. The work is touched and handled as something to consider owning. The viewer is not ignored, but directed to consider and understand the work.